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I think I feel personally slighted when people say Outkast ain’t shit or they only had one good album or just generally talk shit about 3K’s fashions because I remember the exact place, day and time I first fell in love.

And it was everything it should be.

In a car, high school, backseat. Maybe 10 of us crammed in, drinking 40s, driving too fast and living forever. And my hand to god, “Player’s Ball” came on 106.1 KMEL and that Jetta screeched to a halt.

And we fell.

Sometimes you just know.

  1. tallcan said: FUCK YA
  2. cardigankhaleesi said: Player’s Ball was my everything back then…still is really.
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    Me: you probably know this song Husband: ohhhh yeahhhhh! I had it on tape. It came out in ‘93.Me: I was five in...
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