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Posts tagged: song of the week


I miss having Queen E. Park a short walk from my place.

On the flipside, I 1,000+ year-old temples and shrines within walking distance, so it’s a fair trade-off.

Oh look, one of my absolute fave songs/albums/artists.

I will be in Denmark and Germany for the next 10 days to head-clear, write, and lie to strangers that I am R. Kelly’s manager which has nothing to do with Frank Ocean except for the inevitability that I sing “crack rock, crack rock" to myself in the company of VERY blond people. Should be fun.

Back On My Grizzy by Lil Wayne from the album: Da Drought 3 - Disc 2

"Back on my Grizzy" by an "in his prime" Lil Wayne. As far as I am concerned this is what I think rap is.

"Future Crimes" by Wild Flag. For you future tough guys.


Christmas Is Coming by Vince Guaraldi Trio from the album: A Charlie Brown Christmas

"Christmas is Coming" by Vince Guaraldi Trio. Enjoy your porridge. Next year is the year we finally hug.

"Life is Too Short" by Too Short. I always thought Too Short missed a golden opportunity not renaming himself Too Short the Rapper.

Apple Scruffs by George Harrison from the album: All Things Must Pass

"Apple Scruffs" by George Harrison. Dedicated to all the scruffs who have old iphones. You are our new dinosaurs.

Come To The City by The War On Drugs from the album: Slave Ambient

"Come to the City" by The War on Drugs. I’ve been rambling, and I tend to drift. Keep up.